Wire Harness

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Since 1952, Dekko has been an expert in wire harness manufacturering. Our world-class manufacturing operations can produce wire harnesses in any length and number of circuits specified for multiple applications. We specialize in high complexity, low or high volume wire harnesses that require a solutions expert.

Our typical applications include: Commercial vehicles, locomotives, recreational vehicles, power generation and diesel engines, home appliance, HVAC products, vending machines, industrial applications, and power cord sets.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities include harness application evaluation and design, over molded wire sets, value-added assembly for complete electro-mechanical sub-assemblies, testing and validation. Our wire harness manufacturing process utilizes production boards for consistency and quality, ensuring your product can be repeated efficiently.

Over molded wire harness capabilities include: TPE’s in soft and rigid compounds, UL-recognized molder that offers over molding with rigid and soft touch resins, and the ability to over mold multiple plastic materials provides robust product feature.